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How to Change Wap to Web in 5 Minutes

OffLimits, This is one simple example of changing the appearance of WAP into the WEB, by using the template CSS WEB which is already discussed in previous posts Wap ala WEB. By using CSS templates which you can download for free, you also can design your site like this. In the previous tutorial I have discussed the ways to change the appearance of wap into the web, but if you still have difficulty understanding and applying it, now you can make in just minutes. As an example of this page, you can also change the look of the wap site to be like this. All you have to do is by copying the following script that has been provided and then paste it on your site editor. Below script is a free example of very simple WAP using CSS templates I design myself.

The Script above uses a very simple style and less of instruction/ guideline attached. For more CSS templates with more stylish and complete guideline, You can see on the preview of images below. You can copy the script you like, Just send me a little donation as seen of each images. As a notice, I'm not doing this for living, just to pay out the time and cost of internet (which is hell expensive in my country) I've spent. Pick the one You like:

Offlimits $1 Only!
Emblazoned $2 Only!
Balanced $2 Only!
Soothing $3 Only!
Gestured $3 Only!
Crystal X $3 Only!
Everyday Series $4 Only!
Revolt 01 $5 Only!

I pledge more templates will be added soon!
Before using this script, it is worth to note also the following points:
  1. The script is already completed with CSS link and images, so no more another CSS is required.
  2. Design and style of the script is default, no need more modification. So remember All You have to do is to add your own content, articles, blog or any other you like. ie, You just need to add article and change the links.
  3. It is advisable to use computers to edit the for maximum result, as well as worry about the limitations of the characters in the cell.
  4. XtGem, not recommended to edit with CREATOR but edit the script with TEXT EDITOR, follow these steps:
    • On the main menu click "file browser"
    • On the html files that will be edited, click the plus sign (+)
    • Click "open with" select "text editor"
    • Delete all and paste the script on the textarea!
  5. How to edit / create this file is to copy this script ENTIRELY and REMOVE all existing script on your site editor. So before the copy-paste, it is advisable to create copies of your original script. In case you'll need to revert to original style, also create copies of the original script of mine.
To Order the script, simply send your donation according to the template name and amount then contact me by mail or add my messenger for faster response, then I will give You the links for You to copy the script. For further info, feel free to contact me anytime to the following mail and messenger: