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Bookmark now http://looperz11.xtgem.com One stop mobile site to fulfill your needs of mobile applications, games, videos, tips/ tricks, entertainments and more, all 110% FREE. With simplified menu, so it is easier to acces and download any contents of this site.
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This site was established recently at 29th of June 2009 . It's new, but I'm eager to dedicate the best product and services. Thanks to XtGem for providing the best free wapsite builder.

Animated Clock

This stunning shockwave is the only fully customisable Clock on the web. It should liven up even the dullest of websites. Download or save the clock, reupload it to your site and put the code below to BODY of the page you want it to appear.


Multiple Background sound

With this script, you can add background sound to your page. Not only one, but many as you wish!

Random Links

You can put your random links and customize it yourself. ie. you can use it for your advertisement

Tips of the Day

Write your tips, quotes, or any proverbs you wish. It will appears and change everyday along the month.

Cursor Followed by Image

Check this out!!! Set the image addres you wish to the script, then the image will appear and follow the mouse movement. Amazing script, must try!!!

Put this script into head section And put this script into body section

Fake Counter Script

Shock your visitor with this amazing fake counter which increase rapidly every time your page visited or reloaded.


Like animation or flash, but no!!! This is just an applet with smaller size and easy loaded. great stuffs, must try it!!! Note: don't work in some wap site (support applets only).

Title Scroller

Page title that scroll on browser tab, moving from right to left infinitely. Put this code after the HEAD tag.

Download and decorate your site with this clock for free. See how to to use it here

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