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The Braincoder

Made leading the heart beats, following the mood and reflecting sound of my emotion. Nothing special but the endless search, finding the new things, new experiences, learn and absorb it to share with others.

Liven up the ordinary become more attractive. Don't have to be expert, all you have to do is to know what you want the most. And believe me, there're so many ways to achieve it. Didn't your mind never really stop thinking?


Thank's to God n Malaikat Jibril for all the gifts n ideas. To my family for the prayers n magnificent integrity. To my friends for their kind investment and experiences, I honor their enthusiasm n opinion. A special hate to "my First Love", You can't have my complete admiration, love and respect (xxxxxxxx hate you xxxx). XtGem The Best Free Wapsite Builder, and Mr. Povilas Musteikis for your support and services, also "Si Budugul" my Nokia 6600.

Project Info

A fully creation by DAMN, 2009~. Web design, CSS templates and flash are owned and designed personally. The Current Special flash page made using Swish Max 3.0, a simple but luxurious. Looperz, what the web can be...